Angelika is offering the half day Sacred Chamber retreats twice a month at her home in the wilderness in the Sierra Nevada Foothills near French Corral. These retreats are free of charge and in a small intimate setting in a temple in the woods. They are very profound. For further details, email Angelika   angelika at


Angelika is also offering recording residence retreats. If you need assistance with recording/producing your own music or spoken word projects, need back-ground music, tracking or editing, or live instruments and vocals Angelika can help you. She will also prepare organic, healthy vegetarian food and offer a cabin in the woods for you to stay.  For more details, inquire:

Angelika is working on a new guided meditation called Embody the Presence which is also going to be recorded in the German Language under the title: Ein Weg ins wahre Sein. This meditaton can be life-changing when you apply it. Angelika will use her magical instrumental background music which was recorded with her monochord tamboura and vocals and the amazing Dilrubah, played by Jamie Vaness. The inspiration came from her new friend John Mark Stroud,  and from Lyn Hunstad's Yoga Nidra version   It will soon be posted for download on CD Baby. And also be available as a CD.

Angelika is also working on a coupld of music videos finally. Better late then never.



2 NEW CDs!!This is great news and a miracle. BHAKTI, All In One and FLOWING INTO ONE!!! This newest release is an eclectic collection of many favorite songs and chants in different languages, from various cultures and styles, written and performed between 2005 and 2011. Included are inspiring upbeat songs and chants as well as meditative, devotional prayers and chants in Sanskrit , Latin, English. This CD gives a rich and broad taste of Angelika’s inspirational music and has a powerful, uplifting effect on the listeners state of mind. Flowing Into One World Chants, Prayers & Songs For Awakening Angelika 1.I Am Love6:12 2.Gratitude6:58 3.Jai Amma Bhavani 6:21 4.Presence Divine 6:30 5.Prana Apana (Kundalini Rising) 10:16 6.Sacred Heart 6:31 7.Hymn to Brahma(Bonus Track)4:59 8.Ave Maria 4:41 9.Moola Mantra(Bonus Track)4:44 10.Didgeridoo Peace Prayers 8:07 11.Twameva (Bonus Track)4:31 Total Time: 70:05


The New BHAKTI, All In One CD is finished! Mantras and guided processes/meditations for spiritual aspirants, Oneness blessing givers, trainers and yogis. Includes a 15 minute Chakra Dhyana (guided Chakra meditation with Chakra Mantras), 22 minute Ananda Mandala (guided, active, yogic breath and chakra meditation, modified fire breath), the powerful Moola Mantra, Mantras for Sri Murthi Archana (devotional offerings), Arati (universal mantra/Moola Mantra for divine light ceremony) and Sanskrit Devotional Hymns. There must have been a divine urgency to bring this material out into the world at this time, since I was in the middle of working on my other new CD: “Flowing Into One”, when this project “inserted” itself with such power and clarity that there was no way to put it off. Therefore I now have 2 new CDs to offer. This project contains powerful ancient yogic practices as taught through Oneness University. With deep gratitude and reverence to it’s founders: Sri Amma/Bhagavan and all the teachers there. I am deeply grateful for this music that flows through me to uplift and transform. To manifest it in this world, no effort is too great, no journey too far, no obstacle to big and I am truly blessed. For me music is a gift from existence itself. I never planned to be a world traveling musician, but once a long time ago, sitting in a garden in deep reflection I asked with all my heart: “what should I do with my life ?” To my greatest surprise I heard a clear voice from nowhere and everywhere with one brief message: “Healing through music”. I did not know at the time what this meant and how it would look and yet I followed this voice in the best way I knew how. It has been an incredible journey of unfolding and awakening. The music continues to flow from a place in me that is whole, connected to the All and I feel a responsibility to use such a powerful tool to uplift, inspire and bring comfort and joy. It has that effect on me. I hear so many stories, how it helped a child, a troubled teen, a person in transition, someone with a heartache, another in a hospital or in gatherings and healing sessions of all kinds. With deepest gratitude to everyone I meet and to the musicians, artists, technical wizards, teachers and friends that have so lovingly given their encouragement, support and talent to help “birth” this music into its present form. 1.Moola Mantra for meditation 4:50 2. Ananda Mandala Intro Talk 2:43 3.Ananda Mandala 22:22 4.Twameva Mata, for meditation/devotion 4:34 5.Mantras for Sri Murthi Ritual with 108 Kalki Mantras 15:26 6.Chakra Dhyana Intro Talk 2:19 7. Chakra Dhyana 15:21 8.Arati 3x Moola Mantra 3:05 9.Hymn to Brahma for meditation/devotion 4:56


May 2010
The CD: Love Keeps Singing, Love Songs for the True Self (a spiritual lullaby CD, also for the inner child) The CD "Benediction" completed in May 2006 is a devotional offering to the Christ Consciousness which is flowing through this music strongly. Various Prayers in Latin, Aramaic, Greek and English. Includes the Lords Prayer in Aramaic, Angelika's version of Kyrie Eleyson and the sacred names of Allaha, Elochim, Elaht, Allaha Ruhau, Ave Maria, Prayer of Saint Francis the Miracle prayer in Hebrew and other beautiful heart opening pieces. The other 2 CDs recorded just before Benediction are "Into Grace", all English and "Deeksha" in Sanskrit. All these recordings are inspired by the Oneness blessing, divine grace and guidance and transmit this Grace. Angelika and Nick are touring nationally and internationally to share Sacred Music and healing blessings. Angelika also sings at conferences and other events in New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Florida, Texas, Europe, India and answers new invitations.

The CD "Shiva Shakti Om" (Sanskrit healing prayers and mantras) won an award as finalist in the New Age Voice Magazine Music Awards 2001. It was chosen by 2 rounds of professional judges in the music industry as one of the best in the category Meditation and Healing. It is giving fresh expression to an ancient source of spiritual upliftment and healing.

"Shiva Shakti Om", "Deeksha", "Benediction" and "Into Grace" feature music to use for Yoga, Ceremonies, Massage sessions, Meditation, Reiki, Hospice and other healing work. "Shiva Shakti Om" includes a special recording of the Sri Shuktam, a prayer (to the Goddess Lakshmi) for true wealth on all levels, which if chanted regularly will make a positive difference in health, prosperity and well-being. If you need the transliteration (words we westerners can read) of this prayer, you can order the booklet and or teaching CD, for learning the prayer from The title of the prayer is Sri Lakshmi Shuktam. We are looking forward to meeting our already known and as of yet un-known friends out there. much love and gratitude to all of you for your continued support of this oneness music ministry Angelika.



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