Blessings through music. Photos by Wiebke Langefeld at Hannover Oneness Conference 2008.

Angelika shares the oneness blessing (or Oneness Deeksha) locally and worldwide, through her sacred music concerts and in private sessions. In fact, music is another way the blessing can be transmitted. Deeksha ceremonies generate a powerful spiritual energy field, in which Grace truly descends upon us. Phone sessions or by email are available at 530 292-3830. There is no charge for this. If you feel to make a donation, that is gladly accepted, but not required.
What is Oneness Deeksha/Oneness Blessing?  Many people report that after receiving the blessings they experience healing on different levels, a shift in perception and a boost of ongoing spiritual awakening. The blessing is a universal phenomenon that enhances one's own divine connection. Oneness is said to be the natural state of all human beings & the birthright of us all.   
In a very practical sense the Blessing power can bring us the things we want most in life, including joy, good health, peace of mind and prosperity and will help clear out old charges/blockages that keep us from experiencing our true divine connection all the time. 
It is not a new spiritual path & does not require any change in the way you practice your own spiritual tradition if you have one, but this powerful blessing of the Avatars Sri Bhagavan/Amma can greatly enhance the inner connection with your own path/religion/teacher. As Blessing Givers we are noticing that the power of the blessings keeps steadily increasing as is our capacity to allow it to flow through us unhindered.

For more information on Deeksha and how to become a blessing giver go to:  this site by Rev. Dr. Michael Milner has a lot of great oneness Information. He also gives the OM meditation and is one of the initiates of this form of Eye Transmission of Divine Energy in North America.

The Oneness movement is originating from 2 Avatars from South India called Sri Bhagavan and Amma, his wife. Bhagavan has referred to himself as a technician (many others refer to him as a ‘mukti - enlightenment avatar’) because he can help facilitate neurobiological shifts in the brain through the transmission of Deeksha/Oneness blessing...through trained and initiated facilitators. He explains that Deeksha activates the brains frontal lobes and quiets our (chronically overactive) parietal lobes and amygdala–hippocampus centers (object relations and meaning makers). The result is that Deeksha attunes the brain with the natural, syntropic fields of unity, relieving us from the distress of “apparent separation”.

Everyone’s Deeksha experience is unique unto them. But there are consistent reports of increased peace and love. I have experienced this myself, especially an increase in musical creativity and have witnessed many others realize profound shifts in their lives. It is also easier to see the mind’s workings and trappings and let go much more quickly, once the old conditioning is recognized. It is not a quick fix, but a gentle process, with it’s results depending as always on our willingness to allow Grace to help us remove all our old hurts and charges from the past. 

There is no particular doctrine or teaching except to invite the Divine into yourself. What that means, or how you interpret ‘Divine Presence’ or God is up to you. Examples some have given are Christ’s love, Buddha nature, God, That, True Nature, your Guru, etc. What’s important is that you are true to your own inner knowing of the Divine, or whatever you want to call THAT. Words can get tricky, but inside yourself you know what is being pointed to. 



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