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Healing energy flows like a blessing from above during Angelika’s concerts and kritans. Her music transcends mere entertainment, touching a deep spiritual chord within. Her artistry can also be enjoyed on more than a dozen CDs.
From East West Bookshop, Mountain View, California 2006

Deeksha, translated into English as Divine Grace, is the title of a luminous recording by devotional singer/musician Angelika. Her recordings are a breath of life in a very busy world. She sings/chants mantras of and to the Avatars over her own celestial music with the power of divine consciousness and divine grace. All of the tracks are long and the entire CD is over 77 minutes. The songs/chants will transport one to a place of peace and grace. They can be used for meditation or sacred ceremony. Do not attempt to drive a vehicle or operate machinery while listening to this recording; you might just be transported into healing bliss and find yourself sitting quietly. I am often awed by Angelika’s abilities to do this all on her own. She finds the music within her, she chants in a heavenly voice, plays all the instruments, records and produces; and keeps the price affordable. Thank you Angelika for enriching my life with your music
KVMR Radio Review by Josef Guida, Nevada City, California, summer 2006 
Local devotional singer/songwriter Angelika has created two new exquisite recordings.

Into Grace could be considered a sequel to her recording Deeksha released in late 2005. While the former was in Sanskrit this one is Angelikas’ second all English language recording (the other all English CD is called BELOVED). I asked Angelika how she released three recordings in 12 months “They are “downloaded” in moments of great inspiration and love. I don’t actually compose the songs, prayers and music, it’s like they already exist and I receive and invite them in.” Six of the tracks on Into Grace were received without effort in that way. The others are St. Francis Prayer (Oh Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace), Yogananda’s I Am the Sky, and others. The songs are intended to open the heart to devotion, love and peace. They are also very relaxing and filled with light. My two favorites are the first one Fountain of Flame (What is this life flowing through my veins, written many years ago by Haridas) and the last one, One Life Flowing by Angelika

Benediction is sung in Aramaic and Latin, with one song in English and one in Hebrew. Benediction is deeply devotional with a more Christian mysticism. Songs include Bach’s version of Ave Maria, The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic (the language Jesus spoke), Kyrie Eleyson, Gloria in Excelsis, and others. Direct from the heart Angelika sings the songs as prayers with love and light. Benediction brings back the mysticism of Christianity to our lives. Thousands of years ago across Europe the devout were mystics of Christ’s teachings. They retreated to hermitages to live their lives in prayer. These are the prayers of those from long ago. Angelika: “May our heart felt prayers in all our different languages of old and new, unite us through the power of the music of our soul, God's music.”

Angelika's musical mission is to build bridges between cultures, religions, languages and ways of worship, to point to the beauty of each path and the one source from which it came and to which it leads.

KVMR Radio Review by Joseph Guida, Nevada City, California, summer 2006
"When Angelika comes to play her music at my yoga center, I know that it will be filled with wonderful healing energy from that moment on. Everyone who attends leaves with a soft smile on the outside and a renewed sense of the sacred on the inside. She creates beautiful sounds with her voice and her instruments and teaches us at the same time, gently interacting and encouraging us to be our best selves for a little while"
- Susan Whitaker, Director, Canyon Spirit Yoga Center, Auburn, CA

We are conducting seminars with Mental Health Professionals all over the world, including South Africa and we and our students absolutely love Angelika’s music. It touches people in a deep way and seems to have a magical healing quality. To name one example, Angelika’s music helped to heal a relationship between a White Africaner and a Black African woman. Our international and local students use Angelika’s music in their own healing work with clients. We use it for sacred rituals, one of which is a foot washing ceremony. We highly recommend it. Diane Zimberoff, M.A., director of the Wellness Institute in Issaqua, Washington. 7-12-2000

Angelika has performed several times at our Ashram, singing wonderfully both Sanskrit bhajans and English devotional songs and playing beautifully guitar, piano and other instruments. Her music is clearly inspired by a deep experience of the oneness of all beings and the beauty that we all possess. We were touched by her peace and desire to share that peace with everyone. Although she is technically accomplished, her music reaches far beyond musicianship to help us c ome together and feel our humanity. Thank you for your love, wisdom and joy!
- Swami Pranavananda, Sivananda Yoga Ashram

Angelika has the voice of an angel and accompanies herself on a variety of instruments. Her songs both inspire and open the hearts and minds of her listeners lifting us to higher levels of spiritual awareness. She has performed at the Venus Rising Empowerment Institute during our healing and training workshops, which enriched all who were present to be touched by her music. I knew from the first time I met Angelika that her voice and music were incredible gifts from the creator and I have encouraged her to share these gifts with the world. It is with great pleasure that I endorse her ministry and celebrate her coming forth at this time when the world so deeply needs these gifts of the heart and spirit.

- Linda Starwolf, director and founder of Venus Rising Empowerment Institute
If you are in need of a spiritual experience you can expect miracles to happen listening to Angelika’s concert. She has been blessed with a voice that touches the very core of your being and has the ability to transform. The heartfelt music she plays on the tamboura inspires a meditative state effortlessly. She also accompanies herself on the keyboard and the guitar. Her concerts and kirtans are a very special experience.

- Ann Bandimere, mother of 5, medical intuitive, spiritual healer and counselor
Angelika's music speaks directly to the soul. It takes you into a journey of remembering your own divine essence. Her voice and music are truly angelic. Namaste.
- Krishna Guadalupe, CSUS, Faculty Member

Dear Angelika! I am thoroughly impressed with your lovely voice, the instrumentation and the thematic direction of your music. Marketing your music in the understood commercial sense may well destroy its message so you must be wary of the avenues you choose. Thank you again for your great gift.
-- D.T., Los Angeles, California

When at attendance of a performance by Angelika I am carried to a place inside me, yet everywhere, a peaceful place, yet exciting, a simultaneous experience of vulnerability and power, humility and wonder, grace and great joy. I feel like dancing and meditating (and do!) and the dance, the meditation, and you and me and our Source become One. She embodies the aspects of the Divine about whom she sings. I actually get to experience the Divine in all her/his forms and glory. She is an angel of peace and great love. Her performances stay with me long after I leave her physical presence. My husband and I sleep to her music nightly experiencing the healing love. If I know anyone that steps fully into their light through their work, it is you Angelika, thank you.
- Judy Guadalupe, Medical Intuitive, Yoga Teacher, Energy Practitioner

Review excerpts for Angelika’s Award winning CD “SHIVA SHAKTI OM” Customer Reviews. "Heavenly music," September 12, 2002. Reviewer: Heeren from Copenhagen Denmark:
A truly magnificient album with both depth and beauty. Angelika has a wonderful voice combining innocence with technical skilfullness. And although this is a "new Age" influenced version of the old Hindu-chants she really stays close to the roots. Truly transmitting a sense of something holy. There has been some great mantra-recordings in recent years with artist like Krishna Das and Deva Premal, none the less Angelika is somehow in a league of her own. I simply love this record. Great for both healing and meditation.

Peaceful Devotion, December 29, 2001 Reviewer: George Hagar from Framingham, Massachusetts United States:
Mellow and restful voice and music, professionally sung and played; I shall use this disc for meditation, healing sessions and background music for daily activities. Westernized in style while still retaining sacred intent. I bought this disc without hearing it first and am quite pleased with this selection.

NAPRA ReView, Sept/Oct 2001 issue:
“This wonderful CD expresses Angelika’s divine gratitude ……. She sings Sanskrit prayers and mantras from several Indian scriptures with the stated intent “to bring healing, beauty, inspiration and to enhance the inner silence”. Her pure voice and heartfelt harmonic singing couples with inspired musical interpretations of traditional Indian music to create a luminous and flowing sound environment. As a listener enveloped by the music, I felt soothed and experienced an inner calm. Chant texts are printed and translated in the pamphlet so one can fully evaluate the meaning, as well as sing along if desired. A positive addition to both chant and Healing/ Meditation/ Relaxation genres”.

The “Share Guide” July/August 2001 issue by Janice Hughes, publisher.
“Shiva Shakti Om offers mantras for personal healing and manifestation. These ancient Sanskrit prayers and songs have great spiritual power and bring healing, peace and remembrance. A finalist in the NAV 2001 Music Awards, the album combines Angelika’s angelic voice with beautiful musical accompaniment and improvisation of cello, tamboura, sitar, dobro, keyboards, piano, flute, Tibetan bowls, bells, conch and harmonies. This is a rare find in the genre of healing/meditation music and sacred chanting, as it draws you to listen frequently to receive the purifying energies of this timeless spiritual treasure”.
Backroads Music, Heartbeats catalogue 2000/2001, Lloyd Barde:

“Ancient Sanskrit prayers and mantras are sung with a divine ear to sensitive adaptation. Musical accompaniment and improvisation provide just the right amount of support to frame Angelika’s pure expressive voice, as she takes mantras from various scriptures of India ………. are sung beautifully, ….. Shiva Shakti Om is a welcome addition to our growing list of chant titles, and offers a pure voice, devotional approach and a depth of delivery that will reach many listeners.”
From “Magical Blend” November 2001:

“Even if you have never explored the concepts or precepts behind the prayers and songs found on this CD, you will love the beautiful music and words by Angelika. This is uplifting, resonant and inspired, and has the capacity to relax, center, and quiet the noisy mind. The ancient Sanskrit prayers and chants are powerful in their ability to create a deeper inner silence and peace. I gave its first listen very early in the morning, and it seemed that the rest of a very busy day went more smoothly and quietly. I listened again and really felt the beauty and depth of the message and the music”. —Daphne Rice

From “New Age Retailer” November/December, 2001:
German-born Angelika spent several years in the Alaskan wilderness, then moved to a California spiritual community, discovering and honing her exquisite talents as a singer-songwriter. At a Yoga retreat in the foothills of the Sierras in California she was introduced to sacred chanting. The eight prayers/mantras on Shiva Shakti Om have been used for thousands of years in spiritual practice and stir archetypal memories that allow for emotional and physical clearing. Angelika sings with a voice as pure as a mountain stream. Her sense of the sacred comes through with every refreshing note. As powerful vehicles for transmitting venerable healing energy, Angelika and Shiva Shakti Om are in rare company, indeed.

By Kevin Peers, film producer :
I’m mainly writing to tell you that I’ve been listening to your Shiva Shakti Om CD non-stop for the past three days. It is a beautiful, healing world-class creation! Namaste Kevin

Excerpts from letters:

I just bought 2 of your recordings at the Nevada City Christmas celebration. I am going through a real crisis in my life and your music is such a blessing to me. I just wanted you to know that you've made a difference in my world. Your music is truly helping me during a very difficult time of emotional rebuilding. God bless you.
-- S.J., Auburn, California

I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed your new music. It is so deeply moving and blissful, and like your previous recordings has such a freshness. I never seem to get tired of listening to it. It is to me without a doubt some of the sweetest and most uplifting music that I have ever heard. Devotion inspiring comes to mind. One wonderful aspect of your lovely voice is that's impossible to place. If anywhere, you sound like you're from heaven. There are many others here who look forward to hearing you again soon, so keep us posted on your touring schedule.
-- A fan from East West Bookstore., California

I have literally worn out my cassette Timeless Sea. Can you please send a replacement CD and perhaps other great things you may have produced directly from you? I have not been able to find your music locally. Thank you so much; keep up the blessed work!
-- M.K.M., Burlingame, CA



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