PERSONAL SESSIONS – IN PERSON OR ONLINE:  Angelika is now offering personal fast track evolution sessions in person or online (Skype or Zoom). They will be custom fit for you and are highly intuitive within the framework of cutting edge modalities, such as Heart Fluency, Flash, Havening.
Angelika will use the newest holistic integrated approach including stress & trauma release, TRE session, neuro-linguistic programming, mental re-programming, guided messages for your deeper integration and releasing what no longer serves you. This work is derived from a lifetime of exploration and personal transformation.

The cost for personal or online sessions are half hour $ 45, 1 hour $85, 1.5 hours $ 120, 2 Hours $ 165. For scheduling your meeting contact Angelika with a few date and time requests to choose from.  You can make your payment here with PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account, all major credit cards accepted).  No refunds, but if needed you can reschedule your session once with at least 24 hours notice or gift your session to a friend.  Thank you.   
Contact: or phone 530 292-3830


1.5 HOUR SESSION $ 120.-     


  • Personal AmpCoil PEMF Therapy sessions (Rife, Tessla & BioFeedback technology – Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy). 30 to 90 minute sessions (included, a $ 50 to $ 150 value)
  • Guided Meditation Techniques and Support for your own spiritual practice here and at home
  • Hiking, Nordic walking (exercise coaching) in the beautiful nature without the need to drive, trips to the scenic Yuba River, swimming in the summer months.
  • Personal retreat time for contemplation, art or writing, if you wish
  • Instruction in Healthy (optional Raw) Food Preparation. Music, Physical Fitness, EFT, Breathwork meditation or other modalities that you are interested in for your inspiration, learning and well being
  • Recording sessions/ production assistance: 6 hours per day included. (if you choose the recording retreat). Surcharge for extra studio hours.


Some of these offerings will be naturally woven into the day, instead of formally structured. You decide how much you would like to learn or be guided and make use of the available tools or how much you would like to have your own quiet personal time.

If you choose a recording retreat (full day only), prices include up to 6 hours per day of Recording studio time, consultations and production assistance for your music, your video project (we can film here in the amazing nature) or spoken word recording. Additional studio time is $ 25 per hour. Times can be flexible and there is no extra charge for filming.

RETREAT BASE PRICE: per retreat day per person (subject to change): Half day retreats: $ 175 per person. Full day, 8 hours $ 315 per person.  20 % per person Discount for Couples, 25 % Discount per person for groups of three available.

Overnight options in Nevada City (half hour drive) or camping on site by special arrangement.


The emphasis of recording retreats is assistance with recording/producing your own music or spoken word projects, or video project (we can film here), providing back-ground music, tracking or editing, or live instruments and vocals in Angelika’s home studio.  All the offerings for personal retreats are included in recording retreats plus recording studio time. For more details and booking, inquire: or call: 530 292-3830