Testimonials and Messages.

“ Over the years many people have taken the time to write how the music helped them in some way. There is a whole “book” and I will share just a few messages here. They are from across the world and tell of situations, of birthing a child, a dying parent, healing of a relationship, inspiration. I thank all of you for taking the time to share. It is encouraging and fills my heart with joy to know that the intention I have put out for this music has been answered by the universe. Endless love to all of you.”


“When Angelika comes to play her music at my yoga center, I know that it will be filled with wonderful healing energy. Everyone who attends leaves with a soft smile on the outside and a renewed sense of the sacred on the inside. She creates beautiful sounds with her voice and her instruments and teaches us at the same time, gently interacting and encouraging us to be our best selves for a little while”
– Susan Whitaker, Director, Canyon Spirit Yoga Center, Auburn, California

“We are conducting seminars with Mental Health Professionals all over the world, including South Africa and we and our students absolutely love Angelika’s music. It touches people in a deep way and seems to have a magical healing quality. To name one example, Angelika’s music helped to heal a relationship between a White Africaner and a Black African woman. Our international and local students use Angelika’s music in their own healing work with clients. We use it for sacred rituals, one of which is a foot washing ceremony. We highly recommend it”.       – Diane Zimberoff, M.A., director of the Wellness Institute, Issaqua, Washington

“Dear Angelika, I want to share that our baby girl Juna came into this world on June 16, 2017 in a warm bathtub at home. From the moment of the first contraction your CD: Into Grace accompanied us in a most magical way. Your loving voice flooded the room and took me into a deep relaxation. Title # 5 came on just as Juna’s head appeared for the first time into this world. This song had been “her” song, during pregnancy we had listened to it every day. This was a special and magical moment. Since then we listen to your songs every day especially while nursing and we remember the magical moments of her birth. Again with all our hearts, thank you for your contribution to our lives, and your efforts to get us the CDs in time for the birth all the way from America. With love and gratitude”    
– Wiebke and Juna Nieman and family Mother of six, Germany

“Dearest Angelika, I just magically discovered your heavenly music and I can’t stop listening… Next weekend I am giving a workshop for women to reconnect with the feminine divine and would love to bless them with the sound of your music. I absolutely love your Gayatri mantra and Mother of the Infinite. Thanks truly for your music, its a gift for the soul! Best wishes from Spain.”        – Carmen

“ My wife and I were so taken by your beautiful singing and music during the WOH retreat in Marin. Your live music contribution to the day was so important for the healing flow of the retreat. Thank you very much! Laurie (my wife, the pregnant one) and I realized how much we love singing together, and how we want to bring this love to our new family. The songs were so clear, so simple, so perfect. We want them all! (if we can)”.             – Stephen Buehler Bay Area, California

“ Dear Angelika! I am thoroughly impressed with your lovely voice, the instrumentation and the thematic direction of your music. Marketing your music in the understood commercial sense may well destroy its message so you must be careful of the avenues you choose. Thank you again for your great gift”.              – D.T., Los Angeles, California

“I attended the CLM West of Heaven event on Saturday.  What a perfect way to celebrate the holidays!  Your music is just heavenly…beautiful and healing. I love to continue listening after retreat through your CDs. With much appreciation”           
– Lauren, Sage Financial Renewal, Bay Area, California