Angelika’s music is more than entertainment. It is a worldwide music ministry that has assisted in bringing peace, giving birth, easing transitions, celebrating life in all its aspects and creating a magical atmosphere for many different kinds of events, big and small.  Angelika now also offers online live music. This includes song greetings, concerts, benefit events. In support of your program or as a stand-alone performance. Contact Angelika here

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Counseling & Retreats

Angelika’s inspirational music is well suited to support meditation, healing work, ceremonies, massage, yoga, birthing, hospice, prayer, movement & dance, rejuvenation and can assist to create a healing, sacred atmosphere for events such as conferences, workshops, weddings and seminars, etc. Angelika travels locally and internationally by invitation.

She sings ancient Sanskrit healing chants, mantras, prayers in different languages and her own original songs in English, German and Sanskrit, sharing love, celebration, comfort and wisdom. Many listeners comment on the healing qualities of Angelika’s voice and music. She plays a handmade tamboura/ monochord and guitar in concert and on her recordings adds other instruments like: Annapurna sound-column, percussion, piano, mandolin, flutes, koto, harp, keyboard, didgeridoo and vocal harmonies to create an enchanting sound experience and spiritual space. She also offers counseling, retreats, spirit art and various ministerial services.


SACRED WAVE   poem by Angelika Schafer

I am riding such a sacred wave that I am letting go of the surfboard
The Ocean knows what the wave needs – to crash into shore,
spend all its energy and return again as water



Om Asatoma, Maa, a Sanskrit Prayer for aligning the mind with Source/Truth, Angelika produced this as a gently rhythmic, powerful 11 minute musical treat. People report wonderful effects from this music. Released in 2023


LOVING GAIA, Healing Frequencies, Songs & Chants For Our Planet! It’s Angelika’s favorite, released in 2019


Originally from Germany Angelika resides in the Sierra Nevada, in Northern California. She composes and records her music at her off the grid home and performs internationally and locally at conferences, seminars, weddings, celebrations, retreats and also online. She holds a Master teaching degree from a German University and studied music as a post graduate at California State University in Sacramento.

Angelika’s passionate spiritual inquiry and love for the wilderness led her to move to Alaska at age 24 where she spent 9 years leading a very adventurous life, full of risk and challenges, including commercial fishing, diving, mountain climbing, flying hang-gliders and airplanes, working in gold-mines and building her own cabin in the woods. The adventures have become more inward and Angelika now assists others in finding greater inner freedom, inspiration and integration through a variety of modalities and offerings. She also serves as an ordained Interfaith Minister, works with children and shares her gifts at benefit events. Feel free to reach out. CONTACT

“When Angelika comes to play her music at our center, we know that it will be filled with wonderful healing energy. Everyone who attends leaves with a soft smile on the outside and a renewed sense of the sacred on the inside. She creates beautiful sounds with her voice and her instruments and teaches us at the same time, gently interacting and encouraging us to be our best selves for a little while”.  – S. Whitaker, Director, Canyon Spirit Yoga Center, Auburn, Ca