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Dear friends, thank you for supporting this music ministry. If you would like individual tracks for download, please contact Angelika through the  Contact Page  before clicking the Payment Button, which is for the whole Album. Thank you. Not all tracks are sampled here, a full Album DOWNLOAD is $ 10 to 12. Singles are $ 1 to 7 depending on their length.

Inquire about the actual physical CDs by email.  They are still available at great discounts. Contact Page

NEW!  Om Asatoma, Maa is an Ancient Sanskrit Healing Prayer, MP3 Download, LENGTH: 11 minutes. Donation options $ 3 to 7.00  This prayer is a powerful ally in setting the mind right. It dispels ignorance, darkness and fear. We are getting wonderful reports from the people that are hearing it, about the healing effects of this Mantra. I added the call to the Divine Mother to this ancient prayer: Maa Amma, the one with infinite compassion. We need her more than ever. Blessings to all who hear this.

For German speaking friends and international customers, please email Angelika for orders & payment.  Für Deutsche und Internationale Kunden, bitte schreibt mir eine email, für spezielle Zahlungs-Instruktion, wegen der hohen internationalen PayPal Fees. Ich kann euch gerne die Uebersetzung und die Deutsche Cover senden, vielen Dank. Email here

NEW!  THROUGH THE OPEN DOOR, MP3 Download, LENGTH: 4 minutes. Donation options $ 1 to 3.00  This song appeared suddenly during a meditation and producing it was a bit of an adventure. I wanted the instrumentation to be uplifting so the song would truly touch the heart. After all it is an invitation to walk together through the open door into freedom. Finally Pier Luigi Salami, a talented Italian musician I found on AirGigs helped with the production to make it magical.  May all who hear this be uplifted.

For German speaking friends and international customers, please email Angelika for orders & payment.  Für Deutsche und Internationale Kunden, bitte schreibt mir eine email, für spezielle Zahlungs-Instruktion, wegen der hohen internationalen PayPal Fees. Ich kann euch gerne die Uebersetzung senden, vielen Dank. Email here

NEW!  by Colleen Akiko. One Awakening.  My friend Colleen Akiko recently composed and produced this beautiful song and gave me permission to share it.
This song celebrates the ongoing discovery of what is timelessly present in/as our core being. It’s about getting quiet, tuning in and discovering freedom, wholeness, and love—present within and as our true selves. The distilled lyrics of One Awakening encourage us to awaken to the truth of our being, where we can behold “no-thing being infinitely all.”
For those who wish to sing One Awakening for or with others, a backing track is also available from Colleen Akiko

For MP3 Download and Colleen’s website  click here

Loving Gaia, Healing Frequencies, Songs & Chants For Our Planet, MP3 Download, $ 12.00  Music with a purpose. To uplift our Earth, her lovers, healers, helpers and transformers of Consciousness and all those longing for a new possibility. Loving Gaia embraces you with healing frequencies, the tracks corresponding to the energy center in our body as well as earth. Each song/chant has a different effect. The Sanskrit Mantras bypass the busy mind and effect our energy field. From joyful upbeat to tender meditative and a variety of languages, beats and sounds. Enjoy! It’s my favorite and the audience favorite!

Bhakti, All in One, MP3 Download $ 11.00   Mantras and guided processes for Devotees, Yogis, Oneness blessing givers, trainers. Includes a 15 minute Chakra Dhyana guided meditation, 22 minute Ananda Mandala guided breath exercise, original Moola Mantra, Mantras for Sri Murthi Archana Ritual, Arati Ritual and Sanskrit Devotional Hymns. Powerful ancient yogic practices as taught through Oneness University. With deep gratitude for the great processes and transformation. 9 Tracks, 76 minutes

Infinite, MP3 Download $ 5.00    This 16 minute instrumental track is an extended single composition. It is soothing, cosmic and mystical with the meditative tamboura monochord, the haunting, beautiful sound of Dilrubah (played by Jamie Vaness) and Angelika’s ethereal voice. Many listeners have reported that they have used this track for various processes and shamanic journeys and that they don’t get tired of it, due to its expansive nature.

Shivo-Ham, MP3 Download $ 10.00   These devotional chants in the ancient Sanskrit language are for those interested in the spiritual heritage of India and singing Bhajans. It is enchanting in its simplicity. The first half of this album is to chant along with and the second half includes the meditative “Shivo-ham” and “Ya Devi” The instruments used are guitars, keyboard, flute, kirtals, tablas and voice. 6 Tracks Total Time 56 minutes    Here are just a few samples.

Into Grace, MP3 Download $ 10.00    This music is a journey into Grace, received and expressed in musical form through these songs and chants in English. 11 Tracks Total Time: 72 minutes

Flowing Into One, MP3 Download $ 12.00  An eclectic collection of songs and chants in different languages, from various cultures and styles, composed between 2005 and 2011. With inspiring upbeat, as well as meditative and devotional songs and chants in Sanskrit , Latin, English. This CD gives a broad taste of Angelika’s inspirational music and features 11 tracks Total time: 70 minutes.

Deeksha, MP3 Download $ 11.00    The Moola Mantra, especially imbued with the power of Divine consciousness and other ancient Mantras – Words Of Power – and chants in the Sanskrit language transport the listener easily into a peaceful state. Angelika channels heavenly sounds and healing energy through this music. The creation of this CD was inspired by Oneness University and the transmission of Divine Grace through Benediction, Deeksha. Some titles are over 10 minutes for meditation and sacred ceremony. 10 Tracks Total Time: 77 minutes.

Love Keeps Singing, MP3 Download $ 11.00   These love songs are for the precious true self in all of us, that is forever a child of Love, made by Love when it looked in the mirror. This music came as a reminder to dissolve again into That. Creatively received as a prayer, a blessing and a comfort and to help us all remember what really matters. Let’s celebrate together and keep singing until the singers are the song. 11 songs. Total time: 65 minutes

Gifts From The Heart, MP3 Download $ 11.00   A special compilation of songs from Into Grace, Flowing, Bhakti, Benediction, Love Keeps Singing CDs with 2 new guided meditations to give support and comfort in challenging times. The first thousand copies were given as gifts to hospitals, hospice and healers of all kinds to share. 9 Tracks. Length: 76 minutes

Goddess Eternal, MP3 Download $ 10.00    English and Sanskrit chants, honoring divinity in the form of the Universal Mother. 12 Tracks Total Time: 60 minutes

Shiva Shakti Om, MP3 Download $ 11.00    Finalist in 2001 NAV Music Awards, category meditation/healing. This recording features Sanskrit Hymns and Mantras, ideal for prayer, meditation/healing work and Yoga. Included is the Sanskrit Hymn for prosperity, Sri Lakshmi Shuktam. (To learn Sri Lakshmi Shuktam you can order booklet and learning CD from 10 Tracks Total Time: 69 minutes

Flying Home, Instrumental. MP3 Download $ 10.00   This album captures the spirit of the migrating birds, their own voices and the feelings they evoke in us: the longing to fly home. Let yourself take off with these flocks of geese and cranes and experience an inspiring musical migration flight. One of the titles of this collection is a beautiful instrumental version of the German folksong: “Lorelei”. There are 20 tracks with 11 instrumental music titles and alternating nature sound tracks. Here are just a few samples.

Beloved, MP3 Download, MP3 Download $ 10.00   Spiritual Love songs. 17 tracks. Original songs of celebration, devotion and love. All titles in English. The compositions span a range of time from 1992 through 2003.

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