SESSIONS – IN PERSON OR ONLINE:  Angelika is offering coaching/counseling sessions in person or online and half or full day retreats in person or online. They are custom designed for you, using effective, holistic modalities that work on all levels of our being.
Angelika now offers CognoMovement sessions, a highly effective full body/mind/spirit integration process.

Other offers include Sound Healing, Music/Voice Therapy, DNA Potentiation, Ariculation, Elucidation & Transcension with the Regenetics Method, Custom Designed Ceremonies, Space Clearing/Initiation, TRE stress & trauma release sessions, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching.

This work comes from a lifetime of exploration, training with masters and teachers of east and west and personal transformation. It is transformative for those who are ready to go deep and are passionate about truth and freedom.

For scheduling your meeting contact Angelika. You can make your payment by check, cash, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account, all major credit cards accepted).  No refunds, but if needed you can reschedule your session once with at least 48 hours notice or gift your session to a friend.  Thank you.  Angelika offers a 10 minute introductory consultation to answer any questions you might have and explore if it is a good fit.

CONTACT Angelika Here
  or text/phone :  +1 530 464-5111

PERSONAL RETREATS:  Are available as individual or small group retreats, half day or full day.

  • We will assess your needs and will focus on what resonates most for you out of these modalities.

  • Music/Sound Healing, Sessions / Lessons / Transformational Ceremonies

  • CognoMovement, is a transformational Somatic, Neuro-scientific process for releasing stress and trauma patterns from our nervous system which can be life changing. It can also assist with improving performance/ creativity/ productivity and for manifestation and to unlock your full potential. This innovative system is designed to help individuals tackle a wide range of challenges – from enhancing mental acuity and emotional resilience to boosting physical vitality and fostering deeper relationships. 

  • Ceremonies: Retreats can include powerful ceremonies, such as Ancestral Healing, Transforming Relationships, Embodying the Higher Self, Baptism, General Clearing, Letting go ceremonies, custom designed ceremonies for your needs.

  • DNA Potentiation SoundHealing – 4 levels available in a particular time line: Potentiation, Articulation, Elucidation & Transcension.

  • Breathwork, TRE sessions , Emotional, Spiritual Support, designing a manifestation plan.

  • Spirit Art / Soul Portrait/Collage consultation (manifestation coaching)

  • Life Style Consultations for physical, nutritional and emotional fitness and health.  (we are near the scenic South Yuba River and parts of the retreat can be conducted there)

  • Instruction in Healthy (optional Raw) Food Preparation techniques and healthy recipes.

  • Guided Meditation Techniques and Support for your own spiritual practice here and at home.

  • Guidance/holding space for your own vision journeys with your method of choice.

For more details, prices and booking, inquire  Here  or text: 530 464-5111



We provide custom retreats for your needs. You can decide how much you would like to learn or be guided and make use of the available tools or how much you would like to have your own quiet personal time.

RETREAT PRICES: are per retreat day per person (subject to change):  Angelika

Half day retreats – individual, private, 4 hours of personal guidance for you or your private group (3 minimum, 6 max, group rates are lower and depend on the number of people).  Please contact Angelika for current pricing.  Angelika

Full day, – individual, private, 7 hours of personal guidance for you or your private group (3 minimum, 6 max, group rates are lower and depend on number of people): Please contact Angelika for current pricing.  Angelika 


Overnight options in Nevada City (half hour drive) or Grass Valley (40 min) or Penn Valley or North San Juan 20 min. Check Air BnB or Hotels online. We do not have recommendations.


Recording/Production retreats, include up to 6 hours per day of Recording Studio time, consultations and production assistance for your music, your video project (we can film here in the amazing nature) or spoken word recording as well as editing. Additional studio time can be arranged. Times can be flexible and there is no extra charge for filming.

The emphasis of recording retreats is assistance with recording/producing your own music or spoken word or video projects, providing tracking or editing, back-ground music, or live instruments and vocals in Angelika’s home studio. We use Logic Pro, Apogee Interface and Neuman and Rhode Microphones.

For more details and booking
Here    phone: 530 464-5111


“I participated in a full day personal retreat with Angelika including a soul portrait.  My reason for the retreat was that I was dealing with issues surrounding my wife’s dementia and my expectations.  Angelika performed an intake. She used her intuition and discussions with me to design the retreat and worked for a week to prepare. It centered on my personal freedom and cutting chords to ideas and people that no longer served me. 
Ceremonies were personally created and performed specifically for this purpose. A “soul portrait” was also designed to provide continuing supportive energy after the retreat.  It was an extremely powerful experience, and its effects continue to reverberate through me as areas become conscious and are released.  I highly recommend it and would do another without hesitation. And each retreat will be different as are the unique circumstances in the participants life.”        Carter R.   Northern California

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