Angelika’s music is for the purpose of raising the frequency of our energy field, through inspirational music, guided journeys, toning, sound healing,chanting and multi-cultural prayers in different languages. Angelika’s voice has a healing, calming effect and her music helps to create a special, sacred atmosphere to uplift ourselves, loved ones, our communities and the planet.

Forest Music

Live Music for Events, in person or online: Seminars, Retreats, Weddings, House Concerts, Celebrations, Birthdays, Baby showers, End of life services, Festivals, Concerts.

Large venues as well as small intimate events are both appreciated.

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Portland live

“ My wife and I were quite taken by your beautiful singing and music during the WOH retreat in Marin. Your live music contribution to the day was so important for the healing flow of the retreat. The songs were so clear, so inspired, so perfect. We would like to purchase all of your recordings. Thank you very much! ”    Stephen Buehler Bay Area, California


Online Song Greetings:

Angelika can perform one or several songs live, online as a gift for a loved one, anywhere, in need of inspiration and care, as a birthday greeting, for comfort during a challenging time and other occasions.

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“My sister gave me an unusual and thoughtful gift of a live online song greeting from Angelika during a recent health challenge. She picked a few songs for me that touched me so deeply that healing tears started to flow and my heart melted. The soothing, loving energy came right through the music and the computer as if Angelika was sitting by my bed side. So different from a recording. Thank you to my sister and Angelika for this uplifting gift, which made me feel so loved and cared for”.    Maria Burnett, Michigan

Music Lessons & Coaching:
In Person or Online:

Intuitive lessons in toning, chanting, freeing your voice, increasing heart-mind-body coherence with Sound Healing Instruments like Monochord, Tamboura, Tuned Chimes and more.

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”I have had a deep interest in singing and chanting most of my life, especially Sanskrit chants.  Hearing and meeting Angelika caught my attention, as she is one of two people, I have met that can sing and chant in a way that I can hear the reverberation of her voice reflecting from above.  An expression I sometimes use is listening to the music of the spheres. She is the only one that I have met that can teach the ability to approach it.  I recommend her if you have an interest in chanting and devotional music.  Learning how to align yourself with the stillness and attention brings this kind of music alive”.   C.  Redding, California


DNA Sound Healing:

In Person or Distance, Group- or Individual Sessions with the Regenetics Method. DNA Potentiation, Articulation, Elucidation and Transcension. This modality can affect profound whole-ing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We recommend the book: “Potentiate your DNA” by Sol Luckman, one of the developers of this modality.

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“Angelika performed a DNA potentiation session for me remotely. I tuned in from my bed during the time of the ceremony. I have struggled with depression for most of my life and in recent years it has become quite unbearable. I had kind of given up on life. The next day after this session I felt an improvement in my mood and attitude and I can’t explain it. So far this positive effect has stayed with me and I am very grateful to this angel for helping out even the most reluctant fellow.” .   Jonathan G., Boise, Idaho

Counseling & Retreats
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