Soul Portraits:

A Soul Portrait is a digitally designed personal collage. Angelika consults with you about your most soothing settings, landscapes, spaces, spirit guides, spirit animals, symbols, and other supportive visuals and helps you find the most fitting images.
This can be a great support for your personal journey into greater wholeness and well being.

Your special Soul  Portrait functions as a visual intention for manifesting greater coherence of mind, heart and spirit and can portray you in your most liberated and joyful version.
It can also assist in healing for the inner child. Here are some examples of Soul Portraits Angelika designed for herself and friends. Prices may vary depending on complexity and design time.

Average Price  $ 108

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“ The Soul Portrait Angelika created for me has helped me to see my authentic self more clearly, to literally see that living from and as that is a real possibility. It is my daily visual affirmation. Angelika was very skillful in putting all the images together that are powerful positive triggers for me after our consultation. Looking at my soul portrait every day is a joy and a spiritual practice that gives me more confidence. It is a great tool. ”     Elizabeth Clark, Toronto, Canada


Soul Movies:

Soul Movies are similar to the Soul Portraits in their purpose and function. They are custom designed personal videos with your favorite images, video clips, music and affirmations. They might be 3 to 10 minutes in length and can be viewed in the morning and evening as a means of manifestation of your highest aspirations.

The combination of images, music and affirmations is a powerful manifestation tool. Angelika will help you gather materials and will consult with you about the creation of this personal, custom Video. Prices vary according to the length of the Soul Movie.

Average Price:  $ 375 ( 3 to 5 minutes length)   $ 475 (6 to 8 minutes length)

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“ When my beloved dog passed away I was inconsolable. I wanted to do something really special for my faithful companion of the past 13 years. After a comforting counseling session with Reverend Angelika I commissioned her to make a tribute soul movie for Sammy. Even though I cry when I watch it, they are healing tears that break the heart open and honor the beauty of his life. It is the most precious thing I could have done. ”
G. Schulz, Germany

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