ANYTIME, by appointment:

Coaching / spiritual counseling in person or online.  Personal Inspiration / Wellness Retreats, Grief Counseling / Ceremonies for any need, Recording Retreats, see retreat page, Music Lessons / DNA Sound Healing, Song Greetings, Live Music for your events or center. Contact Angelika here

SYNERGY RESET, by appointment: A new highly effective system for greater well being.

In 2022, because of the need of many of us for relief from the intense pressures of this time, Angelika developed a highly effective synergistic modality, a combination of Breath Work and several other potent healing systems wrapped into one flowing intuitive session that brings the body, mind and spirit into greater coherence, balance and harmony. Some of the effects of this practice that Angelika and her clients have noticed are:

–  Increased Energy overall,
–  Trauma and tension release,
–  Reduction of cravings and addictions,
–  Deepening of the breath, strengthening of the voice
–  Greater sense of aliveness, more joy
–  Deeper meditation and concentration,
–  Strengthened immune system,
–  Feeling good in the body, Increased Flexibility,
–  Greater self confidence.

Contact Angelika here to book a session in person, individual or group sessions available

NOVEMBER 24th: THANKSGIVING, KIRTAN/CONCERT, Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, California. 

After quite some time Rev. Angelika Schafer will be sharing her inspiring music/Kiran/Concert at Sivananda Yoga Farm at ThanksGiving in the evening. For Thanksgiving Retreat, Dinner and Programs contact:   RegistrationLinkClickHere  Phone: 530.272.9322  email 14651 Ballantree Ln, Grass Valley

NOVEMBER 27th: CSL Truckee Tahoe, Center For Spiritual Living,  In person and online options 

Rev. Angelika Schafer will lead this Sunday Service and share her inspirational message and healing music.  She may also share a special event, either concert or workshop format, we will keep you posted on that.

DECEMBER 4th, 10 am: UNITY of Davis, California, online event (zoom) 

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be the guest musician for the Sunday Service

DECEMBER 9th, 5 pm to 7:30 pm PDT and DECEMBER 10th, 10 am to 2 pm, CLM GLOBAL HEALING RETREAT online (Zoom): A JOLT of JOY

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be providing live music for this retreat on Saturday. Register here:

Join Padre Paul, Bishop Robert Bearden, Bishop Dana Duryea, and the CLM team for this special Zoom Healing Event!

Join us on Friday for a night of prayer, worship, and belonging.
Join us on Saturday for talks, healing rooms, and live worship. Saturday will be led by Padre Paul with Bishops Dana Duryea, Bishop Bobee Bearden, Musician Rev Angelika Schafer with the CLM team.

DECEMBER 21st: Solstice Sacred Cacao & Music in the EESystem.  6 PM to 8 PM. Please register! Limited spaces. Cost $ 65

Rev. Angelika will lead a Cacao Ceremony with Inspirational Live Music, Healing Mantras, Chanting, Toning in the EESystem. A one of a kind event. Tranquility Center 10594 Combie Rd. Auburn, CA.  When filled we will start a waiting list.
Please if you reserved and cannot make it let us know asap, so someone else can benefit. Thank you. Contact Info: Kimberly 530-298-7455  See here for  Directions:  See you in the Magic!

DECEMBER 24th Christmas Eve Zoom Service with Padre Paul Funfsinn and Rev. Angelika Schafer providing festive music. 4 PM Pacific

Please register here:

DECEMBER 24th, 25th: SIERRA HOTSPRINGS LODGE, FESTIVE MUSIC FOR THE HEART & Holidays, Sierraville, California. 

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be sharing her inspiring music in the evenings before and after dinner in the lodge at Sierra Hotsprings in this informal setting. Anyone can join anytime between their soaks and relax on the couches around the fire place and sing along or listen.