DNA POTENTIATION Sound Healing with the Regenetics Method. This is a powerful transformational offering on a particular time line for best integration. Available now: POTENTIATION, ARTICULATION, ELUCIDATION & TRANSCENSION.  Contact Angelika here

Ceremonies, Private Events, Personal Retreats, Coaching, by appointment:

Coaching / spiritual counseling in person or online / Personal Inspiration & Wellness Retreats / Grief Counseling / Custom Ceremonies for any need / Recording Retreats, see retreat page / Song Greetings / Live Music for your events or center / Interfaith ministerial services – such as End of Life Celebrations, Hospice Music and Ceremony of Comfort for loved ones that are close to transition, Weddings, Birthdays, Cacao Ceremonies. In addition to live music Angelika can act as DJ and bring a sound system for your event. Contact Angelika here

MARCH 31st, 11 am to 12:30 pm Pacific Time. CLM: Special Easter Service Online (Zoom), a Holiday inspirational event

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be providing live music.  To register click here:

APRIL 7 th, 2024, 10 am: UNITY of Davis, California, online event (zoom) 

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be the guest minister and musician  for the Sunday Service.    https://www.unityofdavis.org/

APRIL 14th: CSL Truckee Tahoe, Center For Spiritual Living, 10 am. Rev. Angelika Schafer will share her healing music, an inspirational message and guided meditations for this Sunday Service, in person. You can also join online. Please note CSL now is in a different location.  

Rev. Angelika will be the guest speaker and musician for the Sunday Gathering, which will be held in person and online via Zoom. Please make sure you get the new address.  https://tahoecsl.org/


Rev. Angelika Schafer will be providing live music for this retreat during the Saturday Celebration. Register here:  https://www.celebratinglifeministries.com/home/events.cfm

JUNE 20th: SOLSTICE CELEBRATION, Grass Valley, California with Angelika. 

This event will be hosted at the beautiful Roth Estate in Grass Valley. Angelika will be leading a Solstice Celebration with sacred music and other inspirational offerings to connect with each other and our earth and nature in a deep and meaningful way. Unity in the Gold Country will be organizing this event   https://www.unitygold.us/

JUNE 21 & 22 CLM CELEBRATING HEAVEN in Novato, California. Friday 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm & Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. In person

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be one of the musicians providing live music for this retreat. Register here:  https://www.celebratinglifeministries.com

JUNE 30th 2024: SUNDAY SERVICE, UNITY IN THE GOLD COUNTRY, Grass Valley, California. 10:30 am. In person and online

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be the guest minister and guest musician for the Sunday Service, which will be held in person and online at 10:30 am at 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley, California.   https://www.unitygold.us/

JUL 21st, 2024, 10 am Sunday Service for Brentwood Inspired Living Center, ONLINE. Rev. Angelika Schafer will share her inspirational message and music.

Rev. Angelika Schafer will be the guest minister for the Sunday Service, which will be online at 10 am, via Zoom or Facebook Live. You will find more information here:  https://www.brentwoodilc.org

CognoMovement, TRE, EFT and Counseling by appointment: The most effective modalities for rewiring our nervous system, which leads to greater well being in every part of our lives. Individual or group sessions.

Because of the need of many of us for more support in these intense  times on earth, Angelika is now offering a highly effective synergistic modality called CognoMovement – involving somatic experiencing and movement of the eyes to re-set our nervous system. She also uses TRE and EFT, Synergy Reset, Breathwork, Healing Music, and DNA Soundhealing to bring body, mind and spirit into greater coherence, balance and harmony. Some of the effects Angelika and her clients have noticed are:

–  Increased Energy overall,
–  Trauma and tension release,
–  Reduction of cravings and addictions,
–  Deepening of the breath, strengthening of the voice
–  Greater sense of aliveness, more joy
–  Deeper meditation and concentration,
–  Strengthened immune system,
–  Feeling good in the body, Increased Flexibility,
–  Greater self confidence.

Contact Angelika here to book a session in person or online, individual or group sessions available