Earth Healing Music! LOVING GAIA.

It is music with a purpose: to bring healing frequencies and more compassion to our planet. Two of the songs, FOREVER and MAHALO, Ho’oponopono have been created as music videos, more to follow soon. This is a grass roots project made by Angelika and friends in her beautiful local area.

“As I was working with these new songs, I had visions of these healing frequencies enveloping our beloved earth planet, uniting, touching, healing the minds and hearts of those that are longing to create a world of beauty and joy. The songs are so potent, they clearly have an agenda of their own.

One song birthed itself out of the previous one and I could hardly keep up with recording and producing them. One of these songs is MAHALO, Ho’oponopono for mother earth, the Hawaiian Healing Forgiveness Prayer, sung in Hawaiian and spoken in English, German and a NoWords Version with just the singing.

Another title is WALK IN BEAUTY, a celtic/native hybrid chant that connects us to the special power spots of earth and its native peoples.

And then there is a chant that sneaked in in the middle of the night as all was quiet, I turned on the mic and improvised/channeled, from the “zone”, singing to the infinite consciousness Lord Shiva, the transformer, to remove fear and bring compassion: SHIVA BHOLE BHAM BHAM, even after listening hundreds of times while creating, editing, arranging and producing this chant I still love listening to it. It makes me happy and I feel like dancing with the Divine.

And FOREVER, which actually was the start of this wonderful wave of grace and creation, speaks about our journey, returning home and being welcomed as if we never left, but now much more aware of the beauty and love in each moment, and that we are actually safe and secure Forever without exception, always home, in the arms of love. So whew…..  it’s been a whirlwind to say the least, but full of magic and grace.The songs were conceived, recorded, edited, arranged, produced by me and for the final step of mixing and mastering I took them to high quality professional studios.

Loving Gaia Cover ArtThe physical CD is available here in shop: CDs & Downloads (you can listen to full minute samples). For digital downloads please contact us directly from the contact form here
I also created, as a new option a 2 Gig USB thumbdrive with the LOVING GAIA music, the booklet (which includes lyrics, translations, meanings and even guitar chords and stories about the creation process of each song).

The USB also includes a picture gallery of the spring/summer/fall of 2019 and 3 movies: FOREVER, MAHALO LovingGaiaUSBArt& MYSTICAL UNION, a soul movie production for manifesting greater coherence of heart mind and spirit.  Thank you for your interest and support and for being a part of LOVING GAIA.  With much love and infinite blessings     Angelika